Your Website – A Digital Hub That Gets More Leads

Are you one thing to one person or one thing to many? Here at We Are The Missing Link, we are one thing to many. We help service-based providers (lawyers, accountants, coaches, consultants, mentors, charities) get more leads. Let me start by saying how I see you working online.  You are posting like crazy on LinkedIn and maybe Facebook, in a slightly haphazard way but pretty regularly. You then see some businesses like theirs on Insta and are thinking that looks good but can’t cope with more posting on another social media channel. Your website has become less of a priority, in fact you think it was a bit of a waste of money because it just sits there whilst you promote your business elsewhere and you havent got the time to work on that as well. But there is this overwhelming feeling that your core message and brand values are not coming across, its all a bit sporadic and you are duplicating your efforts loads! Here’s an idea on how you could change things for the better.

We provide you with a brochure website that becomes the digital hub of your online business, with lots about who you are as a person, what you really do, and why you do it. (not forgetting the informative pages, they are just as crucial, just not the only thing!)

Why is this important? Not just because it saves you time, makes you money, and you don’t have to keep repeating yourself, its because its YOU that is the difference. Let’s be honest, there are hundreds of people doing what you do, and whilst there is an opportunity to offer your services to a global audience, that also means that your competitors are getting access to your network too. So, whilst engaging content on social media needs to be part of your digital strategy, don’t get me wrong, but you need one hub that drives your core message and brand values across the platforms. Wherever you are active online, you simply refer people back to your optimised website that’s mobile friendly. Link up to a database and email provider and with simple calls to action you have all you need to get more interest in your business and ultimately get more leads.

Our turnaround time is quick yet bespoke and at a price that fits you. And more importantly, if you don’t need something on your site, we tell you so it saves you money. There is no website in a box from us. Just a brilliant website that reflects who you and your business are which gets you leads.

Let’s Talk

Do you have big plans for your organization? Want to talk about what systems you need to make it happen? Or is something not working and you need better conversion rates. Let’s talk and see if we can offer some solutions.