Why do we need new Data Protection legislation?

Let me take you back in time to 1998 – because that is when the current data protection act arrived on the scene. I’m not sure if you remember those days? It was a time when we watched TV on an actual TV!, and it was a life without YouTube or Facebook – I wonder how we survived without having the latest updates on our neighbours dinners, their love life dramas, and the funny things their cats were up to! We did know the word friend, but didn’t know the word unfriend.

Google launched the same year – I think we thought it might help us cheat at quizzes! And as for Amazon, they more than doubled their product range by not only selling books, but also CD’s and DVD’s.

Emails arrived only through our desk-tops and lap-tops, unless you were a really high-flyer with a Blackberry!

So it’s clear to see that the current regulations are not fit for the world we live in today – the regulations definitely need to catch up with the connected world we are in, and the increasing value of our personal information, the way we use it and share it, and its importance in business.

Personal Data is the new currency, and the new GDPR regulations clarifys the data rights of citizens across the EU.
Lets look at it like money – where we expect banks, businesses and retailers to handle our money in a certain way, from the first moment it is taken by a cashier. The GDPR sets out how we should be handling personal data, from the first moment we give our details to someone, or something, to the point at which it is not needed anymore.

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