Website Support and Hosting Services

Ensuring your website works all year round with support and hosting packages that you can rely on, at price points to suit all size of businesses

Just like a car, websites need regular servicing and maintenance to run smoothly – but who is doing it in your business?  With your website often being the first point of contact for potential customers and plays a crucial role in brand reputation and credibility – can you afford for it to be clunky, slow and unsecure?  Read our post on this important service to help you understand what services we can offer and why you should need them, and check out how we can help you with a range of packages to suit all size of business.

Website support and maintenance services – Why Do I Need It and What does it involve?


At We Are The Missing Link, we provide comprehensive website support services to ensure the smooth operation of websites. We offer tailored business solutions to meet the particular requirements of small startups to big firms.

With the help of constant monitoring and problem-solving, our website support and maintenance services are intended to make sure that your website operates without a hitch. To make sure your website is secure and up to date, our team of specialists performs routine upgrades and backups. Performing database backups, updating software, and correcting security flaws are all included in this.

Website Hosting

In addition, we offer hosting services for websites to make sure that they are constantly available and operate properly. We provide scalable, secure solutions with 24/7 monitoring and support to make sure your website is constantly performing at its peak.

We offer Shared, Cloud and dedicated servers depending on your business need, we have hosting services in the UK and globally and we can design a network  that meets your needs for location and speed.

Our customized solutions are intended to provide you peace of mind, knowing that your website is in good hands. Trust us to handle your website support and hosting needs so you can focus on expanding your business.

Cyper Security Protection Packages and Software

Services ranging from endpoint management to vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, we have simple and affordable cyber security packages that will protect you and your company – almost without you knowing it. Complete immunity from ransomeware, savings in time and skills through automation of threat analysis, response and administration. Endpoints protected offline and online,with the greatest level of end user freedom, without compromising security or compliance. Services are delivered on a pay as you go model meaning you have no commitment – only pay for what you actually use.

DNS and Webfiltering – industry leading capabilities to all you to secure and control all your DNS requirements. Multiple security layers and filtering functionality can be bought together in a single or dynamic policy to protect any machine anywhere. Easy installation provides a choice between local installs or on-site relays to suit any development type.

Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing – We offer an out of the box automated “battle-ready” phishing software which combines realistic simulated email attacks and breach intelligence with engaging training, information landing pages with alarm bell indicators and quizzes to immediately start reducing your cyber-risk.

VPN - Virtual Private Network

Protect your online activity

If you are not using a reliable VPN, your private information can be easily accessed by third parties. We can help you set up a VPN to protect yourself and your company from prying eyes. Keep streaming, uninterrupted, on all your devices with no limits on speed or bandwidth. Keeps your online data safe, even on public wifi. Easy to set up and with a no-log policy so you can be confident that no logs on your activity are kept.

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