7 Seconds – Gotta Go Faster – Web Pages Slow to Load?

Count it, go on, seven seconds. If you are a runner like me then 7 seconds isnt that much to improve on. On the internet now speed is king and you really need to speed up your site if web pages slow to load.

7 seconds is just too long.

Customers get fed up and annoyed. They start the order process and don’t complete it. They are already on to the next thing. You have lost business.

There is a solution.

Review your hosting package. When you started up you needed it cheap didn’t you, and just wanted it to be up and running and functional.

Great news your business has grown and traffic is exceeding expectations. The result is on your cheap package you won’t be getting the bandwidth you need and this is what slows your website down.

What happens is it takes longer for the server to respond to action requests from users (your customers) when they click.

We’ve recently moved one of our customers to a dedicated server as they had outgrown their server.

Result is server response time down from 7 seconds to under a second!

Even better within 24 hours of the move happening there were no incomplete baskets! All orders received were completed and paid for.

Do you need to review your website hosting?

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