Want Your Online Business To Be Like Next?

If you want to grow your online business its always a good idea to look at what some of the business greats to see if there is anything we can learn. Ok so I’m not saying you need to have the budget of the big boys and girls, but there are certainly takeaways available to make your business grow.

Take ‘Next: for example – this high street retailer reported this morning according to Sky News that their well established online operations in the run up to Christmas rose by more than 15%. – That’s pretty remarkable in a supposed challenging retail environment.

Richard Lim – the Chief Executive of Retail Economics said:

‘This was an impressive end to the year as their outstanding online business continues to set them apart from the competition. Read the article in the Financial Times here https://www.ft.com/content/f3b3e1da-2bbb-11ea-a126-99756bd8f45e

And here’s the key thing. “The retailer is benefiting from years of investment in their digital proposition, continually evolving their business model to meet shoppers’ heightened expectations.

You’ve got to admit, whilst ‘Next’ isn’t for everybody, their website is indeed brilliant and they have built it according to what shoppers want.

So what is that exactly?

Easy to use
Quick delivery time
No hassle customer service

Has it taken significant investment? Yes of course it has.

But you can also bet they have tracked and tracked and tracked again their website data, carried out consumer research, listened to the market, and ultimately given shoppers what they need and want.

Whilst your investment into your website is unlikely to be as big, there are three important lessons here:

Get a website if you don’t have one
Nurture it
Build what your clients want

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