Tips to Increase Online Sales

Tips to make your website bring your sales in:

1. Know your ideal client like you know your closest friend inside out – Helps with getting the copywriting spot on. Many businesses are confused about who their ideal client is, but once you know, it become super easy to write content based on what your ideal client wants to read.

2. Make it speedy – If your website does not load within 3 seconds, you will have lost 90% of people who have clicked on your website. Of the ones that are left, you will lose another 50% if

3. Put proper filters in place – if a customer selects say size 6 shoe, don’t then show her the sale where there are no size 6’s (this happened to a friend yesterday with an exceedingly well known store!). People generally don’t want to scroll through masses of irrelevant products.

4. Offer related items or “goes well with”. This really helps boost basket value and upsell.

5. Check your abandoned basket report regularly to see if you can improve on this figure and encourage people to complete the purchase.

6. Make your delivery prices and timings clear – goes with the point above don’t leave it till basket stage to tell people about delivery prices and timings, make it upfront and transparent.

7: Be clear and transparent about how people can return items – giving your customers trust and re-assurance regarding returns.

8. If you have a chat room, make sure there is someone manning it. Don’t give your customers the option then say it’s closed.

9. For high value items create as much information as you can about the product, have advisors on hand to chat and assist in purchasing. Show the item in use, video if practical. Can you justify the price without the client touching it.

10. Define what sales you want from it and track them.

11. Do your updates daily to protect it as best as possible from hacking.

12: Understand your customer’s journey through your website, are they clicking on where you are expecting them to click, understand your websites “hot spots” and place key calls to action there.

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