Keep It Simple

Have you shopped in your own online shop? It’s alarming how many of you haven’t.

Ensuring that your customers are well looked after and offering a speedy, quality service, is critical.

So when you have set up your website or someone has done it for you, have you taken yourself through the whole process?

Buying a product.

Checking the automated notifications.

Delivery – Is the courier company you are using up to scratch? and is  the delivery time is spot on?

Ensuring the quality of the product is 100% when received.

What condition does the product arrive in?

It’s one thing seeing it go out of your door beautifully wrapped, but how is it going to arrive after days through the post?

Are the automated notifications spot on? Is the grammar correct and are you going to include the first name when you send that notification to them to make it more personalised?

Are the products delivered in a timely manner?  Do you offer courier delivery and within a particular time period to minimise disruption to your customer?

Say thank you! – Do you send a thank you note to a customer for buying from you?

Are you keeping in touch with the customer after the sale?  I don’t mean for when something goes wrong, but for when there are no problems.

Do you phone the customer to make sure something has arrived in one piece and they are happy? (Particularly high price items.). I know for sure that one particular perfumery always always always send you a thank you card through the post when you have purchased in store and it makes you feel fabulous.

If you are not completely satisfied going through your own shopping experience, then your customers certainly will not be either. The better you treat them the longer they will stay.

Competition is so high one wrong step and they will go elsewhere.

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