Autumn Checklist – Grow Your Online Shop

So when you were last in a shop did you get annoyed? It happens to me all the time, well as you know I’m not a fan of in person shopping!! Things that annoy me – number 1 – messy shops, number 2 – items not sorted into related products, number three – not being able to see prices or sizes clearly – number 5 not being able to find the checkout! (yes its true!!)

Look the same applies to your online shop. Are you making it super simply for people to shop. Can they find what they want and get to the checkout in as few a steps as possible.

We all want to collect as much data about our customers as possible – however bear in mind that nowadays people want to complete their transaction as quickly as possible. So if you are experiencing abandoned baskets, ask yourself how many steps does it take to complete the sale. Too many and your customer will get frustrated and give up.

In an attempt to get customers on your mailing list, a common mistake is requiring customers to create an account in order for them to buy online. Avoid this by offering guest checkout – you can always offer the option to create an account via email post sale.

By simplifying the checkout process, you are building your tribe of followers and satisfied customers, who are your most valuable marketing tool and can only lead to repeat purchases and new customers.

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