Is Your Website Lost In The World of The World Wide Web

Is Your Website Lost In The World Of The World Wide Web

Are you liking your website to the big yellow book full of businesses?

It really is brilliant having a website, well we wouldn’t be in the business of professional website design if we didn’t believe that for starters. Truthfully though they can do a lot for your business. But are you using your website as a replacement for your ad that was once in the big yellow directory?

You have to treat it differently.

You can’t build your site and hope it gets delivered to every house. And then add a second layer of hope that if someone wants what you can offer, they will find you in the noise of the www. Your site is not a separate leg to your business. You have to still drive traffic to your site and incorporate it into your social media marketing to deliver the results you want. That means telling people about it, updating it, and treating it like your new best friend.

For good.

That’s why it makes us sad when we talk to people who have had a website for at least 2 years and haven’t done anything with it, or even been explained how to use it. We help business owners get the best out of the website and let it help you reach the financial goals you want from the business. Contact us for a free 121 consultation where we can see if we can help you.

Tips to Increase Online Sales

Tips to Make Your Website Bring Your Sales In

Tips to make your website bring your sales in:

1. Know your ideal client like you know your closest friend inside out – Helps with getting the copywriting spot on. Many businesses are confused about who their ideal client is, but once you know, it become super easy to write content based on what your ideal client wants to read.

2. Make it speedy – If your website does not load within 3 seconds, you will have lost 90% of people who have clicked on your website. Of the ones that are left, you will lose another 50% if

3. Put proper filters in place – if a customer selects say size 6 shoe, don’t then show her the sale where there are no size 6’s (this happened to a friend yesterday with an exceedingly well known store!). People generally don’t want to scroll through masses of irrelevant products.

4. Offer related items or “goes well with”. This really helps boost basket value and upsell.

5. Check your abandoned basket report regularly to see if you can improve on this figure and encourage people to complete the purchase.

6. Make your delivery prices and timings clear – goes with the point above don’t leave it till basket stage to tell people about delivery prices and timings, make it upfront and transparent.

7: Be clear and transparent about how people can return items – giving your customers trust and re-assurance regarding returns.

8. If you have a chat room, make sure there is someone manning it. Don’t give your customers the option then say it’s closed.

9. For high value items create as much information as you can about the product, have advisors on hand to chat and assist in purchasing. Show the item in use, video if practical. Can you justify the price without the client touching it.

10. Define what sales you want from it and track them.

11. Do your updates daily to protect it as best as possible from hacking.

12: Understand your customer’s journey through your website, are they clicking on where you are expecting them to click, understand your websites “hot spots” and place key calls to action there.

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You’ve Been Quoted How Much For A Website?

Shocked By Your Website Quote - Read On!

If you are hearing it’s going to cost multiple tens of thousands for your website then you really need to come and talk to us.

We don’t lie when we say that either. The stories we hear of businesses paying multiple 5 figures well into the 20s, 30s and close on 40s is quite frankly ridiculous.

But so is the misconception that you are going to get a great one for £500.

When you have spent the high 5 figures on your site and it’s not even mobile friendly. And by that we mean that vital contact details are not showing on mobiles, information being cut off because the screen doesn’t resize, too long a contact form – you know what we are talking about because you yourself have been on sites just like that!

You lose sales, you lose business and you would be better off driving around in a car or a van with your mobile number painted down the side and on the rear windscreen.

It makes us kind of sad and angry here at We Are The Missing Link that money like this is still being paid for sites and they don’t even work properly.

Don’t be that person. Come and talk to us:

Do You Know What The Missing Link Is? Find Out With a Website Review

Website Review £95 Plus VAT

We could also call this article I need more sales! Doesn’t everyone with an e-commerce site want more sales? Interestingly most people don’t know what what improvements they need to make to their website to improve the performance of their website. Book a website review to get the answers!

So the very first step for you to get your website performing is knowing what the missing link actually is.

What is the missing link between your website and underperforming sales? Is it speed, lack of filters, clunkiness, lack of traffic or the way it operates on a mobile. We understand how google rankings work and are confident that improvements can be made.

Maybe it’s not even performing because you don’t even have access to it – let me guess your developer has gone into the witness protection programme and is nowhere to be found, or just is too busy with more important projects than yours which they set up for you as a favour when you started out.

Or maybe you are waiting for it to be perfect and that’s why it hasn’t gone online yet.

Either way you are losing money and in business there is never any time to lose. It’s being proactive.

Look here’s the thing we are now entering a massive online shopping period and your e-commerce site needs to be ready.

How can we help you?

We are looking for 10 business owners who don’t know why they are not getting the sales they want.

We are giving 10 website reviews for £95 plus VAT each which will tell you what, where, why and how to fix it. No obligation, just peace of mind and actions on what you can do about it.

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Why do we need new Data Protection legislation?

1998 games console

Let me take you back in time to 1998 – because that is when the current data protection act arrived on the scene. I’m not sure if you remember those days? It was a time when we watched TV on an actual TV!, and it was a life without YouTube or Facebook – I wonder how we survived without having the latest updates on our neighbours dinners, their love life dramas, and the funny things their cats were up to! We did know the word friend, but didn’t know the word unfriend.

Google launched the same year – I think we thought it might help us cheat at quizzes! And as for Amazon, they more than doubled their product range by not only selling books, but also CD’s and DVD’s.

Emails arrived only through our desk-tops and lap-tops, unless you were a really high-flyer with a Blackberry!

So it’s clear to see that the current regulations are not fit for the world we live in today – the regulations definitely need to catch up with the connected world we are in, and the increasing value of our personal information, the way we use it and share it, and its importance in business.

Personal Data is the new currency, and the new GDPR regulations clarifys the data rights of citizens across the EU.
Lets look at it like money – where we expect banks, businesses and retailers to handle our money in a certain way, from the first moment it is taken by a cashier. The GDPR sets out how we should be handling personal data, from the first moment we give our details to someone, or something, to the point at which it is not needed anymore.

We Are The Missing Link can help you get ready for 25th May – get in contact with me or call  08455 942 864 to arrange and initial chat on how we can help.

As 25th May 2018 comes ever closer, is your business ready for GDPR?

Is Your Business Ready For GDPR

If you don’t know why this date is significant, keep reading!

Rules regarding data protection are changing, and the existing Data Protection Act is being replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (commonly known as GDPR), and there some important reasons why business owners should be looking into what they need to do to make sure they are working in compliance with the regulations.

The maximum fines that the Information Commissioners Office (more commonly known as the ICO) is able to dish out have been significantly increased – up to 4% of global annual turnover, or 20 million euros, whichever is greater. Whilst its appreciated that the maximum fines will likely be used for the most serious of breaches, it does give the ICO much greater scope to issue larger fines in general than under the existing Data Protection Act.

If you were to experience a breach which impacted on individuals, they do also have a right to compensation, so on top off the fine from the ICO, you might also receive a lawsuit from a damaged individual!

This would also risk your reputation in business, potentially lose customers, and risk the financial stability of your business. So, in our view the costs of compliance is economically sensible.

You might think it’s not happen to you. The big issue here is that no-one is talking about data breaches, it seems to be a big taboo in the business world! No-one wants to put their own hand up and admit they have been a victim. However data breaches are happening all the time, and no longer restricted to the likes of the Pentagon and the NHS!

Personal data is now the new currency, and the GDPR sets out to provide guidance on how we should be treating the data, as it clarify’s the data rights of EU citizens.

We Are The Missing Link can help you get ready for 25th May , find out more on GDPR– get in contact with me or 08455942864 to arrange an initial chat on how we can help.

Tengri – SEO and Systems

Tengri, has been trading in luxury fiber, yarns and fabrics for over 4 years with a focus on helping the indigenous families and yak herders of Mongolia.  Currently their are over 1000 families in the co operative that was formed to supply Tengri with the raw fiber, which is then  imported to the UK an processed to be sold B2B with a small range of high end luxury consumer products being available to buy from the website. Currently we look after the SEO for the website while looking at new and inventive systems, to link our systems back to the individual yak the fiber was combed  from.

Hereford Mean Business Nov 2017

we are the missing link at Hereford Means Business Show 2017

This week we attached our first show Hereford Means Business under our new name We Are The Missing Link, after fighting our way through the Hereford road works, it’s good that they are fixing so many roads but it does make progress a little slow especially during the rush hour!!

One of  the biggest talking points at the show was our popcorn machine, only kidding it was actually the new GDPR data protection regulations that are coming into force May 2018, this kept Trudy very busy as there is a lot of areas SME’s need to think about going forward to be compliant. If you were not at the event give us a call to find out how we can help your business be compliant in time for the deadline and keep you compliant as your grow and collect data from your customers. Just so you know the popcorn did go down very well 🙂

We also meet lots of local SME’s that have a need for better website development services, it always amazes me how many website developer and website design agencies treat their valued customers. Many we talked to had their website virtually taken over by their provide and locked down so there are not able to event changes a word o n the page without paying for the privilege.  After managing system and sites for over 20 years I know this is really frustrating for the owners, and they will eventually leave for greener pastures.

This is great for We Are The Missing Link as our focus in making sure our clients have the access they require to manage there day to day business,  while keeping the site secure form outside threats. Which all builds to a happy long-term relationship which is good for all parties involved.

Trudy ready for action and popcorn at the ready

Thank you Paul Ligas for taking this picture of us both much better than using a selfie stick!


If you have any question on GDPR, Websites, online marketing, SEO and mobile optimisation we are here to help on


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SueRBS – Website Build & Management

SueRBS was setup to help SME recover money from RBS following the financial crises. SueRBS needed a site that was simple to navigate and user friendly for the target audience, the site allows the potential claimants to submit an enquiry. Which is accessed before capturing data in a substantial questionnaire with document submission.

We also host the sueRBS site while managing the day to day update. Along with monthly email newsletter to keep the group informed of the latest updates in the class action.

Sejuiced – Website Build

Sejuiced is a London based promotional drinks company that needed a website refresh. The website needed to highlight the wide range of product and services Sejuiced offers it’s clients in London and across the UK. The main aim of the rebuild was to bring impact to the site and highlight what can be achieved whilst providing responsive layouts with a good underlying structure. We used WordPress to create the new website.