New Year: New Website?

It’s that time of year when we review everything – both in our lives and in our businesses. We’ve certainly had a clearout at We Are The Missing Link HQ and will be looking at our suppliers, but it feels like it gets harder and harder to switch and change the status quo. So we understand that you may have kept putting off getting a new website for your business.

However, as Stephen Covey said – if we keep doing what we’re doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’re getting, so if you want to get more sales and leads from your business, you need to change the way your website is working for you right now. Because it should be an asset making you money not costing you money.

It really shouldn’t be a a long drawn out process that feels like hard work and hassle. Quite the opposite in fact. The process is fun, enjoyable and helps to remind you what it is that you do that is wonderful.

So here are the two simple steps you need to take to start turning your website into an asset:

  1. Understand what’s wrong with your current website. If you don’t know, or frankly are in denial, here are some ideas as to how to find out. Get feedback via a mystery shopper, get a website audit – see are own blog about this topic – https://wearethemissinglink.com/website-review, or be brave and do it yourself – if you do this be frank and honest with yourself. A third party audit is recommended (definitely choose someone who is not connected with the business already) as not only will they assess how your website looks, they will also look at the behind the scenes nuts and bolts and check how your website is optimized to current google standards.
  2. Book a consultation call with a web builder – call us if you like! https://wearethemissinglink.com/contact – this shouldn’t cost you a penny at this stage (it won’t from us!), and is a bit like a first date – well perhaps not that scary!! This is about both parties finding out if you can both work together, and give the web builder enough information to provide a costed proposal.

Yes that’s it! You just need to get started. When you decide to get a website that can automatically generate leads, be a platform to effectively keep your business running whilst you are away, and a mechanism to contribute to your overall sales target, it doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive.

Your website can be basic providing it is attracting, engaging and converting leads.

Understand what you want from it because your requirements are different to everybody else’s and that is why websites in a box don’t work.

Here at We Are The Missing Link we listen to what you want then we question it and make suggestions to either include something different, exclude something that really isn’t needed, and then give you a price and a website that is bespoke to you.

Bespoke doesn’t always means expensive. Bespoke from our perspective means we listen to what you want and we build a website to match.

Get in touch today. What have you got to lose!

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