2nd Lesson From Black Friday – & Why Aftershockz Definitely Came Up With The Goods

So after all the excitement about getting this fab Black Friday deal (if you missed the first instalment check it out here Lessons to learn from Black Friday – & why did I buy those Aftershockz Headphones!) then next part of the customer journey still has plenty of opportunities to influence your audience – whether good or bad.

My delivery has arrived. And I am totally impressed by the whole experience. Bear in mind I haven’t actually tried the products yet, I hadn’t seen the product in real life to touch or examine, and this was a brand that was quite new to me.  I am still excited to try, I feel lucky to have got the Black Friday deal, and it does come down to how I know feel about the brand, and the product, and here’s why.

Opening the box and the beauty continues inside. The two headphones individually boxed sit perfectly in a specifically designed pack. They look clean, elegant and also is perfect for courier deliveries as they won’t bash around in transit.

Black Friday Tips - what's in the box can build your brand

The packaging looks beautiful, really well thought out and I love the Christmassy detailing. It contains two campaign tags #givegoodvibesuk and also #beopen which appear throughout. When I think of givegoodvibesuk it has a real ethos of gifting, of saying thank you, of spreading happiness and making someone feel special – and who knows we don’t need that at the moment. Be open whilst practically relates more to the products ability to allow you to hear whats going on around you, actually invites you to be less isolated in a bigger sense of the word – well that’s how I see it.

There is a lovely addition of a gift tag, which includes the campaign tagline and encouraging us to share in our own good vibes.

Black Friday Tips - Build your brand message on the product.

I actually don’t want to break the seal of the protection wrapping but I’ll have to if I want to use them!!

If you are planning your next Black Friday campaign/offer or seasonal sale what can we take away from this element of my customer journey with Aftershockz?

  1. How the product is packaged and delivered is crucial to building your brand and your relationship with your audience. If the product that has been bought in a sale arrives bashed up and battered, your product just comes across as cheap and you come across as a company who doesn’t care as you just got it cheap.
  2. Word of mouth marketing is important in your own marketing strategy so encourage your customers to post, comment and share their stories with your product – but be careful – make it classy not pushy and always make it worth someones while writing about you.

At every stage you have an opportunity to make someone have a feeling about your brand and business, so make sure it’s a positive one.

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