Autumn Checklist: Do Mobiles Love Your Online Shop?

Helping you get the most out of this season’s online sales – following on from yesterday’s post about growing your international business – our next tip is about making sure that your online shop is easy to use on mobile devices. If its not, you have a problem.

Firstly Google will not like your business. The End. And it will be for you in terms of visibility online.

Secondly, and here’s the reason Google will not like your business if it doesn’t work on mobile devices – because customer are switching to shopping on mobiles. Let’s face it – Google has the stats so let’s embrace this.

So question and answer it for real? Do you know what it’s like for a customer to shop in your store on a range of mobile devices yes I mean android as well as apple devices, on mobiles as well as tablets – have you actually tried to buy products from your own online shop on a mobile and what score would you give yourself. (Don’t forget to include the returns process)!

Experience what you customers are having to go through to buy from you. If you are frustrated with it you can guarantee your customers will be too.

Can your words be seen online? Is the default text on mobiles easily readable – don’t expect your customers to zoom in – they wont, they’ll get frustrated and move on to your competitors site.

Got boxes to enter information? Make sure they are the right size – if its hard for customers to see, understand and enter information, the more likely they will abandon their cart.

Don’t forget having a mobile friendly online shop is now a necessity for your rankings on search engines. Optimizing your checkout for mobiles is simple with many plugs in from the big names which will have done the hard work for you.

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