Is Your Website Slow To Load? – How website speed can impact sales.

That’s the decision a visitor is making when they visit your site. So what would you tell them if you only had 3 seconds?

It’s not long but that’s all it takes 50% of your customers to move on sharpish if your website hasn’t even loaded yet!

So what would you say to them?
What would you show them?
And what would make them stay on your site?

Time is of the essence for everyone and they want a quick response – people get annoyed and frustrated really easily and they will only go to your competitor to get the information they want if you can’t provide it.

Is your site engaging, responsive – and by that we mean quick to perform and does it give your customers exactly what they need? On every device yes that does include PC’s Laptops, Mobiles and Tablets?

Check your hosting package – as your business grows it may not be appropriate for your needs and is one of the key things to impact site speed, but don’t take your own word for it. Ask your current customers for feedback and offer them a small discount in return so you can make your website even better.
That way you get feedback for improvement ✅
And …. increased sales ✅

Remember 3 seconds can make someone stay or leave so how much is that worth to you?

Worth tracking your conversion rate, before and after any changes you make – I am convinced a speedier website will improve the conversion rate.

An agency that looks after web design in Hereford, Shrewsbury and Worcestershire, we recently moved one of our customers over to a dedicated server and the amount of traffic they were getting to their website meant they had outgrown their previous hosting package. The result was an improvement in response time from 7 seconds to under a second!!

Do you need to review your website hosting?

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