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Your e-commerce site is about shopping. That is your ultimate goal to get your customers too.

They want it easy, not difficult. So it’s about showing them what to buy and how to pay in the simplest of steps.

If it is any more complicated than that, then your potential customers may move on.

They will get frustrated if they have to go through an elongated process to hand over their card details.

Annoyed if your website doesn’t respond quickly.

And quite frankly will just give up if the filters don’t give them what they want.

Think about the journey your potential customer has to make on your website to buy one or two products.

If they were sat at a bus stop on their mobile could they buy it in time before the bus came?

What we always do when we start working with you is to buy a product from your site, and give you honest feedback about our experience.

Our top tips:

Review your website conversion rate regularly – You may suddenly be asking what on earth is this!! Well, its the percentage of visitors to your site that complete a desired goal, whether that be the checkout of the store, subscribe or complete a lead-form.

Very simple to set up and track with regular reporting this will keep you focused on an area in your business that will impact positively on sales.

Avoid if you can your customers going to third party sites for payment or registration.

Make your customers’ returns hassle-free.

Make your delivery times and charges really clear.

Keep stock availability up to date.

And one that most miss – make it easy for people to see related items to increase the up/cross-sell opportunity.

Check out our guide – 10 ways to increase your online sales by clicking here increase website sales

Are you making it too difficult for people to buy from you?

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