Improve Conversion Rates

Improve Conversion Rates

A popular topic amongst those with websites who want them to do better. Doesn’t everybody?

You had a website built for a reason, to enhance you business and get online sales.

And wouldn’t it be lovely to know it’s actually working to it’s full potential? Most aren’t.

Improving conversion rates is not as big a deal as you think though. A great way to improve conversion rates as I talked about the other day is speed.

Speed up the website response to the customer so they don’t bounce off the page. A high rate of bounce off is not great for rankings either. Search engines think that your site does not appeal to your customers because they are not sticking on the page.

When actually it’s not they are not interested, it is in most cases they got bored of waiting for your website to respond.

Secondly, think about how many steps it takes for the customer to check out. Too many and the customer will get bored.

Are you asking them to register, or offering them guest checkout. If it’s a busy sale time guest checkout might be more attractive to your customer, you can get in touch with them after the sale about joining your marketing lists.

Customers want to use trustworthy online stores – are you showing your links with global payment partners to build trust and reassurance?

Please have up to date related product pages, and ensure stock levels are accurate

and finally, have you been through the customer experience yourself – would you abandon your own basket and if so where in the process did you get fed up with your own experience.

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