Houston, We Have A Problem!

Do you know what your client’s problem actually is before you go fixing it?

For us, we know that the very simple yet important problem our clients face, is that they are not making enough e-commerce sales.

There are many missing links that lead to that one problem, and we help find the missing link then solve it.


But do you know what problem YOUR clients have?

Here’s the thing, if you are currently vomiting a telephone directory style list of information at your target audience – chances are you are giving them information overload.

Your clients are looking for help with something, and your product and service is the answer. But do you understand what that is?

Often as business owners we resort to the “everyone can use my service or product” and that’s great, but ultimately we are all individuals looking for that solution that is personalised to them.

So, our recommendation is to identify key personas that use your service or product, and find out why, and what the problem is. Then present them with the solution through your content and other information and engage with them in conversation.

Content is king these days and helps build your authority online and creates trust in you as a business to deal with, so write about what you know, and how you can help people.

Conversation and understanding your clients is key in any business.

And this needs to be present in how your website comes across. Based in Ludlow, we can help you with web design that gets you noticed, makes you visible on google and connects you with your target audience.

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