Hereford Mean Business Nov 2017

This week we attached our first show Hereford Means Business under our new name We Are The Missing Link, after fighting our way through the Hereford road works, it’s good that they are fixing so many roads but it does make progress a little slow especially during the rush hour!!

One of  the biggest talking points at the show was our popcorn machine, only kidding it was actually the new GDPR data protection regulations that are coming into force May 2018, this kept Trudy very busy as there is a lot of areas SME’s need to think about going forward to be compliant. If you were not at the event give us a call to find out how we can help your business be compliant in time for the deadline and keep you compliant as your grow and collect data from your customers. Just so you know the popcorn did go down very well 🙂

We also meet lots of local SME’s that have a need for better website development services, it always amazes me how many website developer and website design agencies treat their valued customers. Many we talked to had their website virtually taken over by their provide and locked down so there are not able to event changes a word o n the page without paying for the privilege.  After managing system and sites for over 20 years I know this is really frustrating for the owners, and they will eventually leave for greener pastures.

This is great for We Are The Missing Link as our focus in making sure our clients have the access they require to manage there day to day business,  while keeping the site secure form outside threats. Which all builds to a happy long-term relationship which is good for all parties involved.

Trudy ready for action and popcorn at the ready

Thank you Paul Ligas for taking this picture of us both much better than using a selfie stick!

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