Growing Your Online Shop – Attracting International Customers

Are you thinking big enough for your online shop?

Remember with an online shop you can sell to anyone, from anywhere! With a few simple alterations to your ecommerce website you too can be attracting international customers – just imaging how fabulous that would be to your business!

Firstly make sure you are understanding the reports from Google Analytics to see if you are attracting international visitors to your online shop, even if they might not be buying right now.

Yes, international customers may be worried about buying from abroad online, but with the success of ebay it’s clear there is a real international market there with customers ready to buy what they want irrespective of where it comes from. As an online shop you do need to have the right tools to convert this traffic – however it’s a clear opportunity to expand your customer base and convert sales.

Tips To Help Convert International Customers

Build trust and credibility throughout your  ecommerce site particularly at the payment gateway by using global payment partners such as Sagepay, Worldpay, Stripe, Paypal etc and using their logos throughout. Woocommerce works really well with WordPress sites – check out this link about their payment plugin bundle. https://woocommerce.com/products/woobookings-bundle/#

Customers want to know their checkout is secure – it is a pre-requisite for online shops but do your customers know their payment is secure, or are you assuming.

Offer multiple currency pricing – if you are seeing that Americans are visiting your online shop from the analytics – then show them prices in dollars. It shows the potential customers that you are ready and more importantly want the overseas business and that you are not fazed by it.

Offer Multiple payment options – Your customer will have a preferred payment option, so make sure you let them pay the way they want to. Consider your target market – if they are millenialls for example they will be expecting to be able to use their digital wallets or apple pay or android pay so make sure this is enabled.

Help them buy with confidence – let your customers shop internationally with confidence by providing easy communications – ie online chat and reminding them of their rights to a refund.

This is obviously in addition to the general areas to keep an eye on ie website speed and responsiveness, how the site works on mobile devices, and removing obstacles to checkout.

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