Why Not Take a Piece of Black Friday & Boost Your Online Sales?

It really confuses me when retailers moan about Black Friday. Trying to dismiss it, not take advantage of it, complaining that it doesn’t just last one day.

So let’s be clear.

Black Friday is the biggest online shopping weekend of the year. If you are in business of retail sales this is THE weekend to be on it. Use the traction created by the big names but be careful.

Last minute offers flogging old stock isn’t going to cut the mustard, people are most likely going to see right through it!

I’m already being bombarded with Black Friday offers. Honestly, shoving an image with the words ‘Black Friday Deal’ on it, isn’t going to get much traction.

You are not going to stand out.

Be different. Offer value to your existing customers, a real proper offer, to say thank you for their support.

Offer a solution to your prospects – is it a gift solution for granny or mum? Or for the difficult relative at Christmas that you just never know what to get?

Here’s the thing. Most people will have created a list of what they will be looking for. People will buy this weekend and will be expecting some sort of discount.

So I don’t think you will get away with being all principled and not offering something.

And besides, if you have missed out on this year, then build traction over the next 12 months to leverage Black Friday next year as much as possible. If your marketing strategy seems quite disjointed, and well, last minute, then contact us to talk about one strategy across all channel that makes sense and makes you money.

As a business owner be proud of Black Friday. Most customers will take advantage of it. And you most certainly want a piece of that pie!

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