Cyber Security – Discover Endpoint Protection Platforms and Why Anti-Virus Is Not Enough

Discover the benefits of Endpoint Protection Platform and why Anti-Virus packages are not enough in today’s world.

Legacy anti-virus (AV) packages rely on virus definitions to detect a virus on your endpoint (machine).

There are several reasons why this is not effective or good for your business and why you should consider an Endpoint Protection PLatform.

  • Legacy AV will leave your business exposed to around 78,000 threats per day
  • Legacy AV was created to fight file based attacks but it is less effective against memory based attacks that are more common today
  • Legacy AV cannot guarantee complete protection from cyber attacks and will leave your business at risk
  • When a virus gets through it is too late and you can spend many hours sometimes days trying to get the infection off your endpoints and network – costing you time and money and distracting you from your primary business. There are examples of businesses actually folding due to the extent of the damage caused by a virus.

We are entering a new era with changing threats to businesses – Cyber crime is no longer the preserve of big businesses and public authorities, it is something that all of us need to be protected against.

  • 1 in 4 of all small businesses will suffer a cyber attack this year
  • 81% of all breaches happen to Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)
  • 97% of breaches could have been stopped

How is Custodian 360 Endpoint Protection Platform different to a traditional AV, and why should you have it?

Custodian 360 is a Managed Endpoint Protection Service provided by AVR International. Built on the Industry leading and visionary platform of SentinelOne, it was put together to bring Enterprise grade protection specifically to the SMB market to give businesses the protection that they need at a price they can afford. https://www.custodian360.com/

Where is the Threat Targeted?

Endpoints are the primary targets as they are the weakest link, because of their frequent exposure to unsecured networks, 95% of breaches originate at the endpoint.

Endpoints ultimately present a highly vulnerable attack surface to hackers and nation states seeking to gain access to sensitive information or cause damage to the organisation.

We see Ransomware attacks weekly on our customers, in all types of business. 98% of UK PLC has less than 100 employees and even fewer have a security team dedicated to stopping inbound attacks.

So Whats the Biggest Threat?

Not changing the solution we use to protect ourselves!

Legacy AV is simply no match for todays new threat landscape and it is time to change.

With the bad guys now using exploits like Eternal Blue to run Powershell Empire or credential scraping via memory based file less attacks it simply cant keep up and poses a serious risk to all of our organisations.

  • 95% of Malware shows up for less than 1 minute
  • 4 out of 5 malware types last less than a week
  • 390K new malicious code samples are created daily
  • Legacy AV vendors cannot respond fast enough to update their signatures and offer fit for purpose coverage.

We see this when testing and running demos, sometimes the malware we used yesterday wont work today because the command and control centres have been shut down and memory fileless attacks simply sail past legacy AV solutions

The interesting thing was that Custodian 360 found malware on my system which was not found by my up to date AV package did not before the install.

This is why I now recommend and have moved all our endpoint devices to Custodian 36o.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more about Custodian 360 and why you need to upgrade your endpoint protection today. https://wearethemissinglink.com/contact

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