You’ve Been Quoted How Much For A Website?

If you are hearing it’s going to cost multiple tens of thousands for your website then you really need to come and talk to us.

We don’t lie when we say that either. The stories we hear of businesses paying multiple 5 figures well into the 20s, 30s and close on 40s is quite frankly ridiculous.

But so is the misconception that you are going to get a great one for £500.

When you have spent the high 5 figures on your site and it’s not even mobile friendly. And by that we mean that vital contact details are not showing on mobiles, information being cut off because the screen doesn’t resize, too long a contact form – you know what we are talking about because you yourself have been on sites just like that!

You lose sales, you lose business and you would be better off driving around in a car or a van with your mobile number painted down the side and on the rear windscreen.

It makes us kind of sad and angry here at We Are The Missing Link that money like this is still being paid for sites and they don’t even work properly.

Don’t be that person. Come and talk to us:


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