Money and therefore price determines your customers choices in most cases.

Your customers watch what they spend and are always looking for the best price.

When your customers start searching your online store, most already have a picture in their mind of what they are looking for.
They also have in their head the price they are willing to pay, give or take a few quid.
So if you haven’t got a price filter on your website you are missing out.
Because your customers haven’t got the time to scroll through pages and pages and pages of products that are likely to fulfil their needs, except price-wise.
So set filters that your customers can select that will display your products in price brackets.
Or at the very least, allow them to select the view of the products in price order.
And watch your e-commerce sales increase.
Remember money and time are two commodities that are important to most.
Save them both for your ideal customer and you are on to a winner.