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Do you understand website hosting? choosing the right provider and setup can make a massive difference. 

Focus on Hosting

This is where your website lives. It is given a space in a server somewhere in the world. It is where your website is fed power and bandwidth to enable you to have your website online.

So why do business owners always attracted to cheap providers. What are the dangers. Well let me ask you – what would happen to your business if your website was down. For a day, or two, or even a week.

People do not realise that the same hosting package from different providers will not deliver the same results.

Many well known hosting companies offering cheap or even free packages have underperforming servers. They are basically selling space for hire and the more sites they get to host the more money they make. However the more sites on shared servers the more your website could be affected by demand for bandwidth, dodgy sites sharing your server space, increased risk of being hacked, increase risk of power outtages and your site being down.

Speed of a website is such a key factor for two reasons. Firstly your customers will judge your business based on how fast/responsive your website is. Your potential customers will be annoyed and will go elsewhere. Secondly slow websites will be get a negative ranking from search engines.

So sites hosted on fast servers will keep your visitors from leaving and will give you a better ranking on Google.

At We Are The Missing Link, we have our own 100% UK hosted server for our client’s website meaning that it is super fast, reliable with 24/7 UK based support. Everything is backed up locally, physically and remotely to ensure your data is totally safe in the event of a problem.

Prices are based on your need – dependent on traffic and demand for your site. We would highly recommend reviewing your hosting packages regularly – as your business grows your hosting package will need to alter to reflect your requirements.


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