Mobile Friendly Website – A Story Of What Not To Do

It was a big ask my friend asking her husband to look for two colours of bed sheets on a very well known high store website. Particularly when its fare to say, he isn’t interior design minded (he would agree by the way.)

Yet that wasn’t the problem. Despite the swearing coming from the other side of the house every few seconds. You would have thought with money to plough into websites this store should have and could have got it right.

He was on his mini iPad. Every time he selected a filter, the page flipped back to Home. He would swear. He would select the colour. Perfect. Next for the size. The page would flip back to Home. He would swear. Eventually after 15 minutes he got to what he wanted. It just didn’t flow, wasn’t easy and he was just really really annoyed by the whole process.

15 minutes is absolute unnecessary in this modern world and particularly for a well known high street store. And here’s the message that the store is sending to its customers. We don’t work that well, we are clunky, and you will get annoyed when shopping with us. So all the PR and Marketing they are doing is offset by a website that annoys customers!

It should really be no longer than 1 minute for the client to get to where they want on your website. Super super simple.

Otherwise they will go elsewhere. Fact.

Our advice? Go through the whole process as a customer-and how does it make you feel when you are using it.

Get ghost customers to test it with different filters, delivery times, checkout times, how long does it take them to find what they want?

Make sure it is a mobile friendly website, on all devices so yes if you are in the apple camp check it out on android and vice versa!

Android phone, iPhone, tablets, iPads, anything mobile has to be tested.

Your website is with you and your business for life and your customers should be too.

It’s worth the time investment to get it right before it goes live.

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