Tipping is something that creates a discussion, should you or shouldn’t you tip. I’ve always been happy in the past to tip exceptional service, but there were definitely times when I couldn’t afford to tip, and I always had this attitude of the best tip I will ever give you is that I will recommend you to my friends and family, and this was before the internet!! (giving away my age there!) 

So maybe in this world of word of mouth referral marketing I was ahead of the game as there are definitely better ways than tipping to say thank you for your service this year.  

So at this time of year, when I think back to the local businesses I want to thank, I will be writing reviews online, to help them be seen online.  

So what value can we place on positive online reviews? – well, check out this article here by Invespcro which goes into the finer details on the stats! https://www.invespcro.com/blog/the-importance-of-online-customer-reviews-infographic/ 

And so where shall I be writing reviews? 

Google My Business 

Yahoo! Local Listings  

Facebook Business Page 


Their Own Website 

I can also commit to writing and sharing their posts on social media. 

It works, and its pretty valuable. 

So instead of popping a tenner into a Christmas Card for your hairdresser, why not consider writing an online review, if you haven’t already. 

And if you are in business, and thinking that you need more online reviews, ask us about how we can help you with an online review strategy.